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2.5' SSD/HDD Premium Enclosure Kit for Digital Audio.
  • Audiophile grade 2.5' SSD/HDD enclosure kit.
    Anti vibration enclosure with 1.6mm-t steel plate and 5.0mm-t aluminum front panel.
  • Builtin low noise,low EMI and powerful DC+5V/3A linear regulator.
  • Low noise and low EMI 3.3V/1.8V onboard regulators bring high-fidirity sound.
  • LED Power status indicator.
  • Builtin USB 3.0 compatible SATA II(3.0Gbps) bridge.
  • US$750.0(not include shipping fee and tax)

Product Features

Anti vibration and tough enclosure for SATA 2.5'SSD/HDD.

The enclosure shuts down static and electrical noise,blocks both external and internal EMI radiation. Listen clear,peace,powerfull and fine MUSIC.

Powerful high capacity Power Supply.

Includes 50VA troidal power trans and linear regulator with 3300uF smoothing capacitror and Schottky Bridge.

Removable AC Power Cable to AC Inlet

Select AC Power input voltage(100V,110V,200V,220V) and AC Power cable which has the plug required in your country.

Power status LED

The Power status LED at the front panel indicates Power Supply circuit is working properly.

DC+5V power output for RAL-NWT01,Raspbery Pi or USB DAC.

Get DC+5V Power through OUTPUT connector at the rear panel. Use good regulated,noise free and low EMI power. Supply it to Network Player or USB-DAC.

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