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RAL:Audio products RPi:Raspberry Pi options RS:USB Serial Converters

Raspberry pi CM3/CM3+ carrier board for Audiophile
  • Use Raspberry Pi CM3/CM3+ and make Audiophile grade Network Player.
  • Low noise and low EMI 3.3V/1.8V onboard regulators bring low distortion and high-fidility sound.
  • Fully compatible with Raspberry Pi OS, Volumio, MooDeAudio and other OS/MPDs.
  • Indipendene I2S,I2C and SPI connecters dor Audio DAC and SRC.
  • High quality and high performance Analog circuit.
  • Three status LED(Power,Act,Shutdown) and PowerON/Shutdown push button SW.
  • microSD card slot for CM3/3+ Lite
  • microUSB OTG port to write eMMC on CM3/3+
Audio phile-grade DAC and balanced Headphone amplifier
  • Network Player kit for Raspberry Pi Conpute Module 3/3+.
  • Just six steps. Set CM3/3+ Lite to onboard DDR socket,connect DC+5V/3A Power adaptor,connect LAN,connect USB-Audio DAC,set microSD card pre-installed Volumio and push Power-ON button.
  • Easy writing onboard eMMC on CM3/3+ through microUSB port.
  • AUdiophile grade designed aluminum/metal enclosure.
  • The enclosure cuts emission digital noise to outside and cut incomming noise.
  • RAL-NWT01K kit does not include DC+5V Power adapter and Compute Module 3/3+.

RATOC Systems

Wifi Environment Sensor
  • Environment: RH/T,CO2,VOC and PM2.5 Sensor.
  • Get data with iOS/Android App.s through AWS cloud service.

RATOC Systems

USB to Serial converter (USB Std.A type)
  • Connect RS232C serial devices such as barcode scanner, etc
  • with serial interface via this converter.
USB to Serial converter (Micro USB B type)
SPI/I2C Protocol Emulator
SPI/I2C Bus Analyzer

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