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Isolated I2C Digital I/O board for Raspberry-Pi
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  • Digital Input/Output board suitable for FA/LA machine.
  • 8ch Input and 8ch Output ports on HAT size board.
  • Two models are prepared. (Terminal block model and MIL connector model)
  • Adopt digital isolator for fast transmission.
  • Common power terminal for power supply to I/O terminal and grounding.
  • Open sample source code and setup guide to use this product on Rasperry Pi.


Hardware specifications

Product name Isolated I2C Digital I/O board
for Raspberry Pi
Model numder RPi-GP10T(Terminal block model)
RPi-GP10M(MIL connector model)
Interface GPIO40pins > I2C
I/O Expander TI TCA9535
Input 8ch
High-voltage diode
VIH = 3.5V, VIL = 1.5V, Maximum withstand voltage 30V(Negative logic)
Pull up with 5V/10k ohm
Output 8ch
DMOS Open drain(Negative logic)
Maximum current 100mA/ch(ON)
Maximum withstand voltage 30V(OFF)
Default ON : 2ohm resistance
Trigger(input) 1ch
High-voltage diode
VIH = 2.0V, VIL = 0.8V, Maximum withstand voltage 30V(Negative logic)
Pull up with 5V/10k ohm
Strobe(output) 1ch
Open collector(Negative logic)
Maximum current 50mA(ON)
Maximum withstand voltage 30V(OFF)
Common power COM+: 5~24V
Connector type:
Phoenix Contact PTSA 0,5/**-2,5-F or compatible
Wire diameter :AWG24~20, Strip length:9mm
Connector type:
OMRON XG4A-2034 or compatible
Compatible connector OMRON XG5N-201-AWG26~22
For flat calbe OMRON XG4M-2030
Isolation voltage 2.5kV(Digital I/O to GPIO40 pins)
*Each digital I/O is non-isolated.
Required power +5V/+3.3V(provided by GPIO)
Consumption current MAX 5V/150mA, 3.3V/15mA
Operating Environment Temp : 0 to 40 degrees Celsius
Humid : 20 to 80%(non condensing)
Dimensions 65.0 x 56.5 mm
*Protrusions are not included in the dimensions.
Weight Approx 25 g
Product content RPi-GP10(T type or M type)
GPIO 40P pin header
M2.6 spacer x4
M2.6 screw x8
appended document
Software Python3 sample program
Warranty 1-year
Manufacture(Country) Japan
Product Photo

USB61 Connect image


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