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SMA01U Windows 2000 / XP Driver & Utility

- File : sma03u2k.exe
- Date of upload : 9/June/2000
- Size : 54Kbytes
- Contents of the file :

This self-extracting archive file contains the following files
README.TXT (README.TXT for Windows2000)
DRVDEL03.EXE (Driver uninstaller)
DRVDEL03.TXT (How to uninstall driver)
What's new from the previous version? :
    Added "Driver uninstaller", DRVDEL03.EXE.
  • Fixed the issue that it cannot be removed from "Unplug or Eject Hardware"
  • Fixed the issue that it cannot go into "Stand by" mode with attaching SMA03U.
  • Fixed the issue that it cannot "Restart" with attaching SMA03U.
  • Fixed the issue that it cannot "Shut down" with attaching SMA03U.
To extract the archive file :
  • Make the empty folder named SMA03U on the hard disk.
  • Move sma03u2k.exe into the SMA03U folder.
  • Double click the SMA03U folder. Double-click the sma03u2k.exe icon in the folder.
    Be sure that multiple files are extracted. Delete sma03u2k.exe from the SMA03U folder.

  • Regarding to driver uninstallation, please refer DRVDEL03.TXT. Regarding to driver installation, please refer README.TXT.
Notes :
  • You have to use 'Media initialize or Format' command on your Digital Still Camera before using your SmartMedia with Digital Still Camera.
  • Windows2000 system sometimes may be crushed with illegal removal of SmartMedia. You have to remove SmartMedia from SMA03U with 'Push-pop-up'.
  • Sometimes the system can not detect SMA03U or read out data properly from SMA03U through Universal USB Hub. In that case, you should plug SMA03U to USB port of the system directly.
  • These drivers and inf files are subject to change without notice to fix bugs and improve their capabilities.


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