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UltraSCSI CardBus PC Card

Compatible with

- SCSI Tape Drives
- SCSI Scanners
- SCSI Film Scanners
Linux Ready! Windows Vista/7 ready
Supports MacOSX
This product is a stock limit.

Features | System Requirements | Test Results | Specifications | Optional Items

  • Supports Ultra SCSI rate up to 20MB/sec.
  • 32bit DataBus and 33MHz operation .
  • Supports Bus-Mastering data transfer.
  • Ready for ACPI.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Supports scatter/gather and tagged queue .
  • Linux Ready. Available for high-speed data backup.
  • Supports Plug & Play, allows adding and removing SCSI devices without system re-start.

System Requirements
One Free CardBus PC Card Slot.
  • Windows 7, Vista, Xp, 2003Server, 2000, Me, 98Se/98, 95C/95B and DOS
    * Regarding DOS, contact our Tech support team.

  • Linux Kernel 2.2, 2.4
PowerBook G3/G4 with CardBus ready PC Card Slot.
  -PowerBook G4 (Titanium)
-PowerBook 500, 400 (2000 Pismo)
-PowerBook G3/400, G3/333 (1999 Lombard)
-PowerBook G3/300, G3/292, G3/266, G3/250, G3/233 (1998,Wallstreet)
MacOS X & 8.6 / 9 / 9.0.2 / 9.0.4 / 9.1 / 9.2

Test Results

Dell Inspiron 7000 (CPU:366MHz, RAM:128MB, OS:Windows 2000)
Seagate ST39103LW (SE mode), Adaptec SlimSCSI 1460(16bit Legacy PC Card)

Bus interface CardBus (PC Card Standard)
Bus rate 132MB/sec
SCSI data transfer rates 20MB/sec with Ultra SCSI devices (synchronous)
10MB/sec with FAST SCSI devices (synchronous)
Termination type Internal active termination provided.
Package includes
  • CB31U Ultra SCSI CardBus PC Card
  • Hi-Density 50pin cable (2feet)
  • Hybrid CD-ROM for Windows and Mac
    * Windows Xp, 2000, Me, 98, 95 and DOS
    * Mac OS X and 8.6/9.x
  • CB31U software CD-ROM for Windows Vista
    * If the package doesn't include Windows Vista CD-ROM, refer to Software Download Page.
  • Quick install Guide
  • Software License Agreement
Physical characteristics 54mm (W) x 85.6mm (D) x 5mm (H) (Type II),
Electromagnetic Emissions Standards CE Mark, VCCI/FCC Part 15, Class B
Operating requirements CardBus PC Card slot Power Requirement
  • +3.3V
  • 130mA(idle), 300mA(MAX), 77mA(Power save mode)

Temperature 0°C to 55°C
Relative humidity 20% to 80% (non-condensing)

Optional Items

Centronics 50 cable for CB31U Item# RCL-3001-10
Centronics 50Pin Cable for CB31
For CB31 PC Card
D-Sub 25 cable for CB31U Item# RCL-3004-05
Dsub25Pin cable
For CB31 Cardbus PC Card
High-Density 50F to Centronics 50M Adapter Item# RCL-3005
<< Click here to enlarge the picture of Centronics 50 pin male connector(upper) and High Density 50 pin female connector(lower)
High Density 50 Female to High Density 68 male Adapter Item# RCL-3068
<< Click here to enlarge the picture of High Density 68 pin male connector(upper) and High Density 50 pin female connector(lower)
SCSI HD50 Female to HD68 Male Adapter
High Density 50 Female to D-Sub 25 male Adapter Item# RCL-3025
<< Click here to enlarge the picture of D-Sub 25 pin male connector(upper) and High Density 50 pin female connector(lower)

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