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FAQ about CB31Pismo

General FAQs

Q Does the CB31Pismo supply term power to SCSI bus.
No. The CB31Pismo doesn't supply term power to SCSI bus.
Q What is term power?
Term power is the power to activate terminator.
According to SCSI specification, at least one device on the SCSI bus must supply term power.
Q What happens if there is no terminator or no term power?
Data transfer on the SCSI bus will be unstable.
Q What is the SCSI ID of the CB31Pismo?
ID 7 is reserved for the CB31Pismo.

Trouble Shooting

MacOS 9

Q The system freezes with the CB31Pinsmo on PowerBook G3 M7630J/A or M7633J/A.
Driver version 2.9 or later is needed for PowerBook G3 M7630J/A or M7633J/A. You can download it from <Link to CB31Pismo Driver>

MacOS X / 9

Q There is no PC card icon shown on the desktop.
That is correct. PC card icon of the CB31Pismo will not be shown on the desktop.
Q The system freezes, if FUJITSU MO drive is connected to the CB31Pismo.
Change transfer speed with the Configuration Utility as follows.

Start the system with the CB31Pismo without connecting the FUJITSU MO drive.
Launch the Configuration Utility.
Change Transfer Speed at the SCSI ID of the MO drive to 10MB/s.
Click OK and shutdown the system.
Connect the MO drive to the CB31Pismo, turn on the drive and start up the system.

Service & Support